RTFM or simply “make use” of these heroes

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Sometimes I wonder where the “old good times” are gone, those days when people use to share ideas, knowledge and everything else.

People like @CloudofCaroline do that…people like @sysxperts do that

I am lucky since I work for a company that literally grow up day by day based on his culture about sharing but it’s always refreshing see that there are still “heroes” around who take time to make of the “free peer2peer knowledge” something that goes behind the simple “yes it can be done”.

So if you’re wondering what I’m blogging about here it is the link:


and a short excerpt of what these people do:

The vCommunity Trusts mission is to help provide free technical training to the general public and financial assistance to individuals with economic hardships so they may become highly trained virtualization and cloud professionals.  We want everyone around the world to have equal access to online or downloadable training content based upon real world use cases.  We are beginning to make that vision a reality through vCommunity Trust volunteer provided online training resources which are available on the vProfessional Training Materials page and our public access virtualization labs.

They need “help” to give “help” so let’s do it!.

In case you are still wondering what I’m talking about just start to follow them on twitter: @vCommunityTrust