BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity):Dinosaurs, new planets and other oddities

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I’m working on a new  product feature, okay it’s already a news that I’m working at least for who knows me aka Mr. cappuccino all day long  but let’s be honest you’re reading my blog so chances are that you know I pretend to work and just typing randomly on the keyboard.

Oh that’s sound so weird typing on a old, how useless why on earth I should type on a keyboard to write, actually why I am wasting my time in do such things?

You’re confused but let’s face the truth we pretend to be innovative, to work in the era of the Internet of Everything and still we’re locked down with horrible UI and sometimes these UI are not on the video we’re looking at but more physical like be forced to type on a keyboard, physical or virtual, to send a message.

Me-“hey Siri how I may dismiss my keyboard?”

Siri- “You can’t our focus is to connect the thermostat to the fridge so that you may use it to hack the car but still we like the idea that instead of simply talk to things we expect to type/text/tweet them…”

Wait I don’t want to kill all the UI’s and I’m not saying that those are not needed sometimes, but let’s look at the way we are making things.

It’s a world full of dinosaurs and so we have to continue to make products to allow them to survive. Those  users are not able to cope with the pace of the digital world and need a UI who give them the idea of “control” over the things. Unfortunately for everyone else this is like to be sit on a F1 and forcibly drive with the first gear (that in case of those out there who drive an automatic car means you’re going very very slow..and yes I’m that kind of guy who drive with a manual gear shift and drive …seriously).

I see this big fuzz around the “things” but the approach is in most cased wrong to me. Things are great but do not need to communicate with us in the same old way, not need an interface if not consume and being consumed for what they are supposed to be: a thing.

But what all this means? Means that the Siri, Cortana, etc.. need to evolve and get out their places and become a real virtual assistant that move from one device to another, always ready to listen and who provide interfaces where I need them, the way I need them without lock me in where I don’t want to be locked.


Look at this post, would you read it or you’d like more have a short recap by you’re assistant? I love listen music and read books and will never ask to someone else (human or not) to do it for me but that’s me.

I am looking for a “new planet” similar to the earth where I may have a continuous conversation with an alter ego, linked to my identity in a specific way who may act as bridge between me and the outside world and who may act on behalf of me but that will “born” and “die” with my unique identity as a real virtual assistant.

I am looking for the planet where the dinosaurs are extinct and the UX will be crafted based on my identity, by my identity in a dynamic way who adapt to the context I am the moment it will provided to me.

Internet of Things is just an earth oddity made by humans who think they need to be in control through an interface instead of simply let those things do what they are supposed to do provide us the relevant information’s and filter out everything else.

time to come back to type on a keyboard to write more was just a rant take it as it is