BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity): mobile embargo

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No man is an island,
Entire of itself,

John Donne

I’m currently on a self mobile embargo, we’ll somebody could call it ” vacation”. I need it this year, seriously, I worked for months head down on so many things that I had no time to blog, chat, tweet or anything else.
It was challenging and it was fun but now while spending time with my family in a remote and secret location ( okay not so remote neither secret is just Denmark) I placed myself on a mobile embargo… Till today.

What happened? Just another great post from my dear friend @bmkatz on the meaning of mobile vs. remote working, byod, app enablement etc… For the curious people here’s the link Mobile isn’t working remotely, it’s a mindset.

As I quoted and retweeted the link I couldn’t agree more and this post is an example. I’m on vacation no need to get back to work and still free to do it and to blog, answer emails or anything else without actually leave what I’m doing… It’s mobile and it’s what Brian perfectly said:

Mobility isn’t about the latest app or device, it’s not even about the data. It’s about enabling people to get their jobs done when and where they need to, in the easiest possible way.

But… Yes but I wonder is there a reverse face of this “medal”? Are the digital immigrants able to understand the real meaning of mobile enablement? I believe not all of them.
As said I’m on a mobile embargo I choose to be in, I need relief from a constant state of total connection with the world to re-energize myself and be ready for the second half of the year. Mobile is not about be always “there” but be in the position to be “there” when it’s needed and at the same time be free to live your life in a perfect balance between work and personal time. But… Yes another but, is not only that. Mobile also raise some other challenges/issues like security or data privacy.
To quote Brian post again

When you’re mobile, you may have multiple devices and multiple apps, but you use the best combination to get things done in the appropriate place.

People have eyes and ears, the person sit beside you on a train or at airport while waiting for the next flight will look over your device and will try to read your email or presentation. Mobile workers need to learn to be mobile and this is not simply show your friend or colleague that your cool company have you the latest app (aka salesforce app still access to your company sensitive data so please stop use it on the airport lounges while your not in a “isolated” seat).
Using any kind of device from anywhere simply means you, as mobile user, have learn to before focused on where you do it or when you do it…coolness will not save you from data leakage and the ” boring security rules” company require to workers still apply.

As digital immigrant I often fall in mistakes like the ones I described and it require me a lot of effort to remember that when I’m mobile I have to “switch” my way of acting.
So as said the reverse of the medal is still there: no mobile is not for everyone or at least not for those who are not digital native and not able to fully understand what Brian say in his post.

I know you’re wondering how this could be related to me on a mobile embargo…. Well look at the picture at the end of this post then come back here reading… I am in a position to stop communicating with you and live my life and…. At the very same time be free to ” come back” and reply to you and well is there any better way to live?